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«Kazak eli» monument

«Kazak eli» - the first monumental memorial in the history opened in the honor of the 10th anniversary of the capital and devoted to the historical destiny of Kazakh people. Its height - 91 metre. Under the concept of architect Samatbek Bokebaj and artist Sembigali Smagulov – the monument’s authors - it symbolizes fatal 1991 when the Republic of Kazakhstan became independent. The marble basis represents cleanliness of thoughts and durability of friendly relations between the people in Kazakhstan, and the sculpture directed upwards means an ascending direction to the future development. Around the central sculpture the statues of Kerej and Zhanybek - two Kazakh khans -, and the statues of six batirs who heroically protected their native open spaces are settled down. On the main front of the monument the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, preserved by mighty leopards, is represented. At the opening ceremony leading creative ensembles of the country presented a bright dramatized performance devoted to important historical events in the life of Kazakhstany people. 740 flag-bearers dressed in the suits of steppe warriors took part in it - they created live scenery. The way to the main monument passed through the great number of opening bright "gates" made from bright banners. The choreographic composition «the Legend about the Gold warrior» became the key moment of the performance. Kurmangazi state orchestra created an expressive musical background of the representation.

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